Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016 😎

Happy New Year! I know- it has been a LONG time since I have written on my blog and I apologize for that. Good news- I am still in remission! I still do see my Intergrative Medicine Dr about every 6-8 weeks for check ups but all is good! Here is a quick update on me:)
February 16th we welcomed a HEALTHY beautiful baby girl named Madeline into our lives- she is our true little blessing! I did nurse her until about July when I wasn't feeling so well.. I felt Lymey ( as some of us call it) again. I did go to my Dr and I was right- it was back! Not bad bad like before but it was picked up. I stopped breastfeeding to go on medicine and also because some research has shown that the Lyme can be in the Breastmilk- is that true? I don't know at all.. But just to be safe, I stopped. After some light treatment from my Intergrative Medicine Dr I felt great again by October and am still in remission! My daughter is now 22 months old and we are expecting our 2nd baby this June 2016!! I hope that this can bring positive news to all going through this battle with Lyme. 2011& 2012 I fought to get my life back by being very aggressive on medicine, support of family and friends, staying positive and of course having faith. I am now going to be a mommy of 2 and I am a full time teacher. I say all of this to help those fighting to not give up- your dreams will come true and just show this Lyme who is boss!! You got this!! 
I can not access my FB page for some reason because I had my name under Samantha Lymelife and they now want identification ( well obviously that is not my real name so I do not have identification) so I will hopefully figure this out. Again, I'm sorry to getting back to all the emails and comments SO late! Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2016! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our Blessing.. 2/2014

I am so sorry that I have not written on here in such a long time! So much news to share!

First, I want to say that I am still in full remission! Yay!! I am feeling so blessed that I have not had to take any Lyme medications for a while now! I was on supplements but currently am on nothing!! It crazy to think back how many different things I was on before and now am on nothing! I see my integrative medicine Dr. every 4-6 weeks... he monitors me and all is well! Sometimes I look at my old videos and pictures and just can not believe how sick I was... Lyme stinks!!

So what is new with me now. Well, I am back to teaching my preschool disabled class! I was out of this classroom for 2 years and am so grateful that I was about to go back! I love the class that I teach.. the best part is I am able to keep up and feel like "me" again! I will say I have SI joint instability now and degenerative disc disease in my lower back all from the Lyme and how I "walked" for that year.. but I will take that over everything else!!

So the best news of all..... I am expecting a little bundle of joy!!! The baby's due date is February 14, 2014- Valentine's Day- How sweet is that! Picture above is me 11 weeks pregnant! All I can do is thank God for giving me this blessing!! I really never thought this would happen for me after have Chronic Lyme- but it did! No, I am not on antibiotics. I figured since I am in remission why would I? I would go on them if Lyme is active. Baby is healthy and all is good.. I do take prenatal vitamins daily- but that is it!!! So there really is joy and light at the end of the tunnel after this terrible battle! Stay strong and positive you will get through this too!!! God is good and will bless us! Keep fighting and Let's Raise Awareness!!

 <3 Samantha

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

feeling good!

Hi All!

Just wanted to give you an update! I am still in remission- yay!! I have been feeling wonderful. Yes, I have some joint pain or numbness here and there, but hey- I will take that over what I did have! I have come to learn that My Body will never be totally the way that it used to be and I have accepted that. I am so blessed to feel the way that I do now. I am back to teaching my preschool disabled class. I really couldn't have picked a better profession for myself. I am exhausted after 2 hours but its totally worth it.  I enjoy every minute with those kids and I learn something new everyday!

I want to let all of you who are fighting this terrible disease to stay positive! If you are negative I guarantee you will not get better. You need to love your body and stay positive and show this Lyme who is boss! Also, it helps you feel better mentally by staying positive. So yea you want to sleep all day- set your alarm and get up and try to do something for your self. I know- its is hard.. But with determination, positive thinking, and a good medicine concoction you will feel better- I promise!

I have made so many friends across the world by having this blog. I email with them and we talk about about experiences. It is nice to talk to others who are feeling and going through what you are. If you ever need a friend please e-mail me I will listen, and give any advice that I may be able to give.

Thinking of all my Lymies and Let's Raise Awareness!! ((HUGS))

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

mini interview

In May 2012 I did an interview with Clearview Regional High School About Lyme Disease. I just got the video sent to me. It is short but gets to the point. In this video I am still very sick with my piccline still in ( I am wearing a brown piccline cover over it), Bells Palsy, and lots of weight gain.... Here is the video: Let's Raise Awareness!!

Thanks Pine Hill School District!

The Bean Goes Green in May for Lyme Disease Awareness Month!!! Thank you so much to the Pine Hill School District for all of of your love and support! I am so lucky to work with such a great group of people! ( This is a picture of the Staff at the Dr. Albert Bean School, where I teach. I am the one in the middle holding the sign.)

                       My superintendent came to show his support as well! Thank you Dr. Koczur!
I decorated the school office, handed out ribbons, and Lyme Disease brochures! Let's Raise Awareness!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

May- Lyme Disease Awareness Month!!!

        MAY: Lyme Disease Awareness Month!
Raising Awareness for this horrible disease is very important. Here are a few ways that you can help:

"Samantha’s Project” Turn your porch light green for the month of May! Help spread awareness by replacing your porch or outdoor lights with a green bulb. It’s fun, easy and a cheap way to bring attention to this nasty disease!
* Wear lime green the month of May : Shirts, ribbons,bracelets, headbands, NAIL POLISH..etc.
* Tie lime green ribbons around poles and trees
 * Hand out Lyme Disease info cards: under resources
* Share on social networks to check for ticks and help educate about Lyme Disease
 ** To prevent Lyme Disease check for ticks daily**
I will be adding information about Lyme Disease throughout the month of May.
To read my story please start from the beginning of this blog : Feb 2011 (I was diagnoised in August 2011) Thank you for reading and Let's Raise Awareness!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Looking Good :)

I went to my Integrative Medicine Doctor this week and had him test me for EVERYTHING! Everything I always tested positive for last January 2012.

Good News: My Lyme is still gone- non active! I couldn't be happier!! Hoping to stay in remission forever! He said that if it did come back he is confident that my immune system would be able to fight it off. Yay! All negative for the co-infections I had, Parasites, metals, mold! I got a good report.

The only thing that he did find was that I had an Iodine Deficiency? I was very confused about that. I did look it up ( Google) and read about it. It seems that it is common but you should take some supplements if you are on it.

So as of right now I am taking supplements for that and Vitamin D. THAT IS IT! I feel like I went from 30 pills a day to 2.. crazy!

The Spring is here and Summer is near.. Please continue to check yourself, your children and pets for Ticks. DAILY! This disease can change your life in a flash. Also, remember, May is Lyme Awareness month. Get those green light bulbs for your porch, wear some lime green clothes and nail polish, educate others!

Let's Raise Awareness!!!